When are the Rabo Direct Pro12 and Aviva Premiership a match made in heaven?

When you put them together in a mahoosive accumulater of course. this weekend, or Today if you want to be picky about it, see’s the start of the new season in both competitions. Though how many people will manage the mouthful of ‘Rabo Direct Pro 12’ when discussing the results of the weekend. I’m guessing we’ll soon be down to ‘The Rabo’ or ‘Pro 12’ it will simply have to go. To me it sounds more like an infectious disease, something you might insure against rather than take out insurance from…

“Julie’s got a nasty dose of the Rabo”

Type of thing. Still, back to where we started, my selections for the accumulater, in chronological order:

Leinster, Ulster, Edinburgh, London Irish, Worcester, Leicester, Connacht, Saracens, Newcastle, Dragons, Northampton, Scarlets

Nothing too unusual, no real high risk odds, how much are these twelve results worth? Well if you are prepared to go crazy and wager one pound sterling, you can see a return of £1160, at least you can if you get your money on over at Paddy Power . 1160/1 Madness!! Good Luck.

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