Rugby World Cup UK TV Guide

It is here. Rugby World Cup 2011 is very nearly upon us. Who amongst us will be brave enough to take in every game? From the look of the schedule I’d be willing to bet few amongst us will. Have a look for yourselves….

 Rugby World Cup 2011 TV Schedule
Friday 09/0908.30New Zealand vs TongaA ITV1
Saturday 10/0901:30
Scotland vs Romania
Saturday 10/0904:10Fiji vs NamibiaD ITV1
Saturday 10/0906:40France vs JapanA ITV1
Saturday 10/0909:00Argentina vs EnglandB ITV1
Sunday 11/0904:10Australia vs ItalyC ITV1
Sunday 11/0906:30Ireland vs USAC ITV1
Sunday 11/0909:10South Africa vs WalesD ITV1
Wednesday 14/0903:10Samoa vs NamibiaD ITV1
Wednesday 14/0905:35Tonga vs CanadaA ITV4
Wednesday 14/0908:10Scotland vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Thursday 15/0907:55Russia vs USAC ITV4
Friday 16/0908:30New Zealand vs JapanA ITV1
Saturday 17/0904:15Argentina vs RomaniaB ITV1
Saturday 17/0906:40South Africa vs FijiD ITV1
Saturday 17/0909:00Australia vs IrelandC ITV1
Sunday 18/0904:15Wales vs SamoaD ITV1
Sunday 18/0906:40England vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Sunday 18/0909:10France vs CanadaA ITV1
Tuesday 20/0907:55Italy vs RussiaC ITV4
Wednesday 21/0907:55Tonga vs JapanA ITV4
Thurdsay 22/0908:30South Africa vs NamibiaD ITV4
Friday 23/0909:10Australia vs USAC ITV1
Saturday 24/0906:00England vs RomaniaB ITV1
Saturday 24/0909:10New Zealand vs FranceA ITV1
Sunday 25/0903:00Fiji vs SamoaD ITV1
Sunday 25/0905:30Ireland vs RussiaC ITV1
Sunday 25/0908:00Argentina vs ScotlandB ITV1
Monday 26/0907:00Wales vs NamibiaD ITV1
Tuesday 27/0904:30Canada vs JapanA ITV4
Tuesday 27/0907:00Italy vs USAC ITV4
Wednesday 28/0907:00Georgia vs RomaniaB ITV4
Friday 30/0908:00South Africa vs SamoaD ITV4
Saturday 01/1003:15Australia vs RussiaC ITV1
Saturday 01/1005:30France vs TongaA ITV1
Saturday 01/1008:00England vs ScotlandB ITV1
Sunday 02/1000:30Argentina vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Sunday 02/1003:05New Zealand vs CanadaA ITV1
Sunday 02/1005:30Wales vs FijiD ITV1
Sunday 02/1008:00Ireland vs ItalyA ITV1
Saturday 08/1005:30C Winner vs  D Runner UpQF1 ITV1
Saturday 08/1008:00A Winner vs B Runner UpQF2 ITV1
Sunday 09/1005:30D Winner vs C Runner UpQF3 ITV1
Sunday 09/1008:00B Winner vs A Runner UpQF4 ITV1
Saturday 15/1008:30Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2SF1 ITV1
Sunday 16/1008:30Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4SF2 ITV1
Friday 21/1008:00Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 ITV1/4
Sunday 23/1008:30Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2ITV1


It was hard enough just writing them down, never mind watching them..

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