Rugby Mullets of the 6 Nations 2024: A Review

As the Six Nations Championship unfolds and Ireland’s perceived dominance is the flavour of the week, what better time is there to take a look at this years ‘best in show’ of rugby haircuts. Whilst this years crop certainly outdo last years counterparts, they all struggle to compete with the Uraguayan German Kessler from last years World Cup, featured here. Interestingly, mullets are developing as the torunament progresses (looking at you, Ireland) and Wales are actively adding mullets to their squad as the chanpionship goes on. With the possible exception of France V Italy, the competition has lacked landmark games, it’s provided some solid barnets without a doubt.

Mackenzie Martin, Wales

An awful lot has been spoken about this youngster from Ely in Cardiff, not nearly enough about his gargantuan mullet. Look at the thing, I’m genuinely shocked it doesn’t have it’s own social media accounts. The exuberance of it! Undoubtedly has more personality on the back of his head than the majority of Grand Slam winners. Well done young man.

Mackenzie Martin Welsh Mullet

Caelan Doris, Ireland

Many of you seasoned mullet watchers must be breathing a sigh of relief not to see Andrew Porter taking the stage to represent Irish mullet hopes, many more must be gasping in astonishment that ‘Big’ Joe McCarthy has not made it onto the list. Fine efforts from both, but this year’s title goes to the mighty man of Mayo, Caelan Doris.

Habitually scrumcapped, Doris’ mullet has appeared during the course of the tournament and thus makes it truly a candidate for mullet of the 6 Nations 2024.

However, being a big believer in giving the people what they want, here’s a pic of ‘Big’ Joe ‘the mullet’ McCarthy and his adoring public.

Kyle Rowe, Scotland

Not exactly a household name as yet, the Scottish Fullback/Winger has just 3 caps, only one of these coming in the Six Nations. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in execution, for this, ladies and gentleman, is a thinking mans mullet. None of this, just let the back grow a bit long and shave the sides, this haircut has been thought about, nurtured even, to the Miami Vice throwback we see today. Rad.

Jonny Hill, England

Here is England Lock Jonny Hill, for the purists amongst you. A classic example of the schoolday on top, weekend flowing down the back, loved through the decades by outback sheep shearer and spotty teenager alike. Unfortunately Jonny has just been released from the squad so will have to wait a little longer to see it.

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