Rugby World Cup UK TV guide (Without the feckin’ Ads)

As kick off to RWC2011 draws ever closer the prospect of watching every game becomes ever more daunting. I kept looking at the Rugby World Cup UK TV times table  I had drawn up and thinking the late nights/early mornings may well  be an end to me. I started to doubt whether Canada Vs Japan was really worth staying/getting up until/at 4.30 of a Tuesday morning. Shame on me.

I’d also started to wonder about ITV , about Craig Doyle, Steve Rider and whether a grown man should be looking forward to spending the majority of the next 6 weeks in the company of one or the other or both of these. I’m not, truth be told. I then thought about the ads, the feckin ads, the feckin ads that mean that half time breaks are now 12 minutes long . The ads That ITV will obviously be cramming in before the start of matches, the ads that can be avoided….

Cue new TV schedule, Now with Kick Off times and less Ads!!!

 Rugby World Cup 2011 TV Schedule
Friday 09/0909.30New Zealand vs TongaA ITV1
Saturday 10/0902:00
Scotland vs Romania
Saturday 10/0904:30Fiji vs NamibiaD ITV1
Saturday 10/0907:00France vs JapanA ITV1
Saturday 10/0909:30Argentina vs EnglandB ITV1
Sunday 11/0904:30Australia vs ItalyC ITV1
Sunday 11/0907:00Ireland vs USAC ITV1
Sunday 11/0909:30South Africa vs WalesD ITV1
Wednesday 14/0903:30Samoa vs NamibiaD ITV1
Wednesday 14/0906:00Tonga vs CanadaA ITV4
Wednesday 14/0908:30Scotland vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Thursday 15/0908:30Russia vs USAC ITV4
Friday 16/0909:00New Zealand vs JapanA ITV1
Saturday 17/0904:30Argentina vs RomaniaB ITV1
Saturday 17/0907:00South Africa vs FijiD ITV1
Saturday 17/0909:30Australia vs IrelandC ITV1
Sunday 18/0904:30Wales vs SamoaD ITV1
Sunday 18/0907:00England vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Sunday 18/0909:30France vs CanadaA ITV1
Tuesday 20/0908:30Italy vs RussiaC ITV4
Wednesday 21/0908:30Tonga vs JapanA ITV4
Thurdsay 22/0909:00South Africa vs NamibiaD ITV4
Friday 23/0909:30Australia vs USAC ITV1
Saturday 24/0907:00England vs RomaniaB ITV1
Saturday 24/0909:30New Zealand vs FranceA ITV1
Sunday 25/0903:30Fiji vs SamoaD ITV1
Sunday 25/0906:00Ireland vs RussiaC ITV1
Sunday 25/0908:30Argentina vs ScotlandB ITV1
Monday 26/0907:30Wales vs NamibiaD ITV1
Tuesday 27/0905:00Canada vs JapanA ITV4
Tuesday 27/0907:30Italy vs USAC ITV4
Wednesday 28/0907:30Georgia vs RomaniaB ITV4
Friday 30/0908:30South Africa vs SamoaD ITV4
Saturday 01/1003:30Australia vs RussiaC ITV1
Saturday 01/1006:00France vs TongaA ITV1
Saturday 01/1008:30England vs ScotlandB ITV1
Sunday 02/1001:00Argentina vs GeorgiaB ITV1
Sunday 02/1003:30New Zealand vs CanadaA ITV1
Sunday 02/1006:00Wales vs FijiD ITV1
Sunday 02/1008:30Ireland vs ItalyC ITV1
Saturday 08/1006:00C Winner vs  D Runner UpQF1 ITV1
Saturday 08/1008:30A Winner vs B Runner UpQF2 ITV1
Sunday 09/1006:00D Winner vs C Runner UpQF3 ITV1
Sunday 09/1008:30B Winner vs A Runner UpQF4 ITV1
Saturday 15/1009:00Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2SF1 ITV1
Sunday 16/1009:00Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4SF2 ITV1
Friday 21/1008:30Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 ITV1/4
Sunday 23/1009:00Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2ITV1


I can’t believe how much sleep I’ve just gained, will be dead easy now.

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