Beards of the 6 Nations 2015

If, like me you have found yourself full to the brim of concussion debates, tunnel stand off’s and England being nailed on certanties for the World Cup, join me in taking a look at the lighter side of the 6 nations, beards.  I’ve no doubt that beards have been a part of rugby ever since … Read more

Best Rugby Memes 2014

rugby brain

For those who like there rugby humour visual and text based, I thought I’d do a round up of the best rugby memes of 2014. Perfect to while away a few minutes before the forthcomng feast of rugby on the weekend. Granted, some of these aren’t memes, don’t get too wound up about it Got … Read more

Greatest Rugby Mullets

matt stunning dunning

Don’t miss our guide to the 2023 6 Nations Mullets Here is a collection of the greatest rugby mullets, that I could find, quickly. Its fair to say there is a bit of a leaning toward the older mullet as I feel the proliferation of the modern ‘ironic’ mullet has spoilt the pure tradition of … Read more