The Wildest Rugby Mullets at the 6 Nations 2023

Check out our updated guide to Rugby World Cup 2023 mullets As the tournament is now close enough to touch, lets take a look at the best mullets this years championship has on offer. Whilst there might not be so many outrageous pompadours that we have seen in years gone by there is just about … Read more

Memes of the Rugby World Cup so far

With what could be the biggest talking point of RWC2015 having already happened, there are a few to choose from. It didn’t take any time at all for the hashtag #strongerthantheboks to start trending. Here are a few of the best memes and pics I could find from there and elsewhere; These chopsticks are #StrongerThanTheBoks … Read more

Rugby News Roundup 23/02/15

Excitingly, we’ve made it to week two in a weekly series of roundups from the world of rugby.  I appreciate that might not sound incredibly momentous, but given that its further than I ever managed with pre- season training, I’m taking it as a massive win! We managed to get through the gap weekend of … Read more