Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets Sale Announced

Today, with 500 days to go until the fun begins the Rugby World Cup organisers have announced that World Cup 2015 tickets will go on sale to the general public on September 12th 2014.

If you wish to avoid the rush of Joe Public, you can stay one step ahead by purchasing through your club, or RFU affiliate organisation from May 16th of this year. In a move reminiscent of the BBC’s twenty twelve comedy, the RFU/England Rugby/Whoever have called this the Rugby Community Ticket Programme.

Continuing on with this theme, with a statement that could have been copied from the comedy series script Ian Ritchie, CEO of the RFU, said:

“When we launched our legacy vision with three years to go, we talked about inspiring people and bringing rugby to more people across the country. The countdown today marks another important milestone on that journey and there is a real sense of excitement as the tournament gets closer.”

Is it just me or does this kind of language suggest what he is actually looking to achieve is to bring rugby to more of the same kind of people and that this “Rugby Community Ticket Programme” will be alot more focused towards Twickenham & Henley-on-Thames than to Toxteth or Tower Hamlets. With the cheapest tickets for England’s group games averaging at an eye watering £70, the answer is there for all to see.

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