Rugby World Cup 2015 Ticket Prices

Continuing in the hope of providing a comprehensive guide to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, below is a table featuring all the prices for all the fixtures. If you click on any of the table headings you can sort by venue, date, location and for you cheapskates out there price!

i thought it was also interesting to note that although Rugby may have somewhat of an elitest image, the cheapest ticket for RWC 2015 is a whole £1 cheaper than the cheapest ticket available for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Ticket Prices

DatePoolMatchVenueKick-Off Time CAT ACAT BCAT CChildCAT DChild
Pool Phase
Fri Sept 18AEngland v Oceania 1Twickenham Stadium20:00£315£215£160£15£75£15
Sat Sept 19CTonga v GeorgiaKingsholm Stadium12:00£60£45£35£7£15£7
Sat Sept 19DIreland v CanadaMillennium Stadium14:30£175£125£85£15£50£15
Sat Sept 19BSouth Africa v Asia 1Brighton Community Stadium16:45£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sat Sept 19DFrance v ItalyTwickenham Stadium20:00£250£175£125£15£50£15
Sun Sept 20BSamoa v USABrighton Community Stadium12:00£60£45£35£7£15£7
Sun Sept 20AWales v Play-off WinnerMillennium Stadium14:30£175£125£85£15£50£15
Sun Sept 20CNew Zealand v ArgentinaWembley Stadium16:45£175£125£85£15£50£15
Wed Sept 23BScotland v Asia 1Kingsholm Stadium14:30£85£65£35£15£20£15
Wed Sept 23AAustralia v Oceania 1Millennium Stadium16:45£150£115£75£15£50£15
Wed Sept 23DFrance v RomaniaOlympic Stadium20:00£85£65£35£15£20£15
Thurs Sept 24CNew Zealand v Africa 1Olympic Stadium20:00£175£125£85£15£50£15
Fri Sept 25CArgentina v GeorgiaKingsholm Stadium16:45£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sat Sept 26DItaly v CanadaElland Road14:30£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sat Sept 26BSouth Africa v SamoaVilla Park16:45£150£115£75£15£50£15
Sat Sept 26AEngland v WalesTwickenham Stadium20:00£315£215£160£15£75£15
Sun Sept 27AAustralia v Play-off WinnerVilla Park12:00£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sun Sept 27BScotland v USAElland Road14:30£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sun Sept 27DIreland v RomaniaWembley Stadium16:45£175£125£85£15£50£15
Tues Sept 29CTonga v Africa 1Sandy Park16:45£60£45£35£7£15£7
Thurs Oct 1AWales v Oceania 1Millennium Stadium16:45£175£125£85£15£50£15
Thurs Oct 1DFrance v CanadaStadium MK20:00£150£115£75£15£50£15
Fri Oct 2CNew Zealand v GeorgiaMillennium Stadium20:00£150£115£75£15£50£15
Sat Oct 3BSamoa v Asia 1Stadium MK14:30£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sat Oct 3BSouth Africa v ScotlandSt James' Park16:45£175£125£85£15£50£15
Sat Oct 3AEngland v AustraliaTwickenham Stadium20:00£315£215£160£15£75£15
Sun Oct 4CArgentina v TongaLeicester City Stadium14:30£150£115£75£15£50£15
Sun Oct 4DIreland v ItalyOlympic Stadium16:45£175£125£85£15£50£15
Tues Oct 6DCanada v RomaniaLeicester City Stadium16:45£60£45£35£7£15£7
Tues Oct 6AOceania 1 v Play-off winnerStadium MK20:00£60£45£35£7£15£7
Wed Oct 7BSouth Africa v USAOlympic Stadium16:45£85£65£35£15£20£15
Wed Oct 7CAfrica 1 v GeorgiaSandy Park20:00£60£45£35£7£15£7
Fri Oct 9CNew Zealand v TongaSt James' Park20:00£150£115£75£15£50£15
Sat Oct 10BSamoa v ScotlandSt James' Park14:30£150£115£75£15£50£15
Sat Oct 10AAustralia v WalesTwickenham Stadium16:45£250£175£125£15£50£15
Sat Oct 10AEngland v Play-off WinnerManchester City Stadium20:00£250£175£125£15£50£15
Sun Oct 11CArgentina v Africa 1Leicester City Stadium12:00£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sun Oct 11DItaly v RomaniaSandy Park14:30£85£65£35£15£20£15
Sun Oct 11DFrance v IrelandMillennium Stadium16:45£250£175£125£15£50£15
Sun Oct 11BUSA v Asia 1Kingsholm Stadium20:00£60£45£35£7£15£7
knockout Phase
Sat Oct 17QF1: W Pool B v RU Pool ATwickenham Stadium16:00£250£215£150n/a£95n/a
Sat Oct 17QF2: W Pool C v RU Pool DMillennium Stadium20:00£250£215£150n/a£95n/a
Sun Oct 18QF3: W Pool D v RU Pool CMillennium Stadium13:00£250£215£150n/a£95n/a
Sun Oct 18QF4: W Pool A v RU Pool BTwickenham Stadium16:00£250£215£150n/a£95n/a
Sat Oct 24SF1: W QF1 v W QF2Twickenham Stadium16:00£515£315£215n/a£125n/a
Sun Oct 25SF2: W QF3 v W QF4Twickenham Stadium16:00£515£315£215n/a£125n/a
Fri Oct 30Bronze FinalOlympic Stadium20:00£175£125£85£15£50£15
Sat Oct 31FinalTwickenham Stadium16:00£715£515 £315n/a £150n/a

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