Ferris starts, O'Connell making all the right noises, can they do it? Does it really matter? Will Gatland ever shut-up?

Ferris Included in Starting Line-Up  Sweet sweet music to my ears. Having listened to Gatland prattle on about closing roof’s and untrustworthy locks all week I have been proud to hear the legend of Deccie keeping it positive and brief. O’Connell pitched in with the following earlier:

Structurally their attack goes out the window. Once they’ve offloaded and broken you, it becomes a scramble defence and that’s when it comes down to work-rate and desire.

‘You have to expect the unexpected and then react to it. That’s what we did last year against France a few times.

‘You can’t panic when they do open you up, because it will happen. You have to keep a cool head and make sure you don’t concede seven points.

Spot on. One of the highlights of last weekend for me was Evans’ try saving tackle, actually unbelievable, he must have been the only person in that stadium sure he had stopped a try, probably not even certain himself. It was only his desire that stopped it and that’s exactly what Ireland must show come Saturday.

It was fantastic to win the Grand Slam last year. So much so that if we do lose on Saturday, its not such a big deal. We won one last year. In fact I’m happy with we’ve won one. Although we have been the most consistent performers in the tournament for a while  now, I can’t be the only one to have thought they might be the nearly golden generation. Throughout last year they have got results which would have been near misses but for three things; composure, edge, Kidney.

So what I am saying is if they do lose on Saturday it will be to the better team. No-one can argue with that.

Oh, and Gatland! What is he playing at? He’s now engaging in mind games with an inanimate object? I’ve a lot of time for the Welsh but I wouldn’t mind Scotland winning that one. I’m intrigued to see who’s fault it might be

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