Cardiff's top five 6Nations matchday breakfasts

For all of you heading to Cardiff for the rugby on  Saturday, the following is a quick list of the best breakfasts you can find. Its the most important meal of the day you know…

No. 8: Westgate St. The official breakfast of the WRU, not that you would expect many of the squad in there come Saturday morning. Still it couldn’t be closer to the stadium and a full Welsh for a fiver makes it a decent candidate.

O’Neills, St. Mary Street: Its a bit of a shame that a ‘chain pub’ makes it at No.2 but they do so on merit. The closest pub to Cardiff Central station and opening from 10 for food on Saturday, makes this an ideal option for the travelling fan. Also a good place to continue after the game. Open till 1am, live music and the joyous carnage of St Mary St literally on your doorstep.

Hayes Island Snack Bar: Something a bit different. Smack bang in the middle of Cardiff City Centre. This little wooden cabin bills itself as ‘Cardiff’s Parisian style, al fresco dining expereience’ while I don’t know about that, I do know that it does a cracking sausage sandwich and is a great place to watch the world go by. Its also not a pub, might seem like a mixed blessing but think about it, we all know there is a long day ahead, an hour off might not be the worse thing in the world.

The Yard: Close to the station, a good place to head to for real ale lovers, their website describes them as Brains ‘flagship’ pub, whilst I’ve no idea what that means, it does suggest its a good place to go if you like your beer brown and flat. Also they have got some interesting deals if you haven’t got a ticket (but have a few quid)

AJ’s Coffee House: City Rd. Out of the main city centre and a personal favourite  this is a great place to ease yourself into the day. A plethora of breakfast options, bagels, waffles the lot. Clean, friendly, freshly prepared, free newspapers. Textbook.

If you have any other suggestions or have a dodgy sausage at any of these then comment here and I will amend accordingly

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