The Wildest Rugby Mullets at the 6 Nations 2023

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As the tournament is now close enough to touch, lets take a look at the best mullets this years championship has on offer. Whilst there might not be so many outrageous pompadours that we have seen in years gone by there is just about enough ‘business at the front, party at the back’ to keep us going.

Lorenzo Cannone, Italy

As you can see, this might not be an absolute textbook implementation of the iconic 80’s do, at just 22 there’s plenty of years in which to grow. Given he’s challenging Parisse for tournament minutes we might not see too much of him this year

Thomas Jolmes, France

Well, fair enough, it might not be a mullet, but that is some hair! Like a beacon of pure ginger joi de vivre. I can’t wait to see these locks lolloping around the hallowed turf of Twickenham & Landsdowne Road. The ordeaux Begles Lock has just been called into the squad, we may see them bouncing in Rome come Saturday.

Jonny Hill, England

Here is England Lock Jonny Hill, for the purists amongst you. A classic example of the schoolday on top, weekend flowing down the back, loved through the decades by outback sheep shearer and spotty teenager alike. Unfortunately Jonny has just been released from the squad so will have to wait a little longer to see it.

Mack Hansen, Ireland

Ok, so, it’s not a mullet, but it is without a shadow of doubt a ‘definitive’ look from the Irish qualified winger. Importantly the only back who makes it through the tough selection process. Was it the beachy curls and boisterous tash combo? The novelty of seeing the hairy cascade so often hidden behind the dazzling white scrum cap.

Hamish Watson, Scotland

Well the picture says it all really. Hamish Watson’s hair was just as destined to star on a rugby field as the man himself. Like an ode to the Scottish highlands, with its tightly packed brackish heather like top, moving onto to the more fluid lochs and rivers. Majestic,

Be sure to let me know who I’ve missed? Remember it’s never too late to start your own 6 Nations mullet career. Best supporter mullet of the 6 Nations anyone?

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