Womens World Cup, Great to see the belly back in International Rugby

I genuinely think it is. I’m not trying to insult, I understand its not altogether flattering but I just thought it was nice to see a bit of belly again, and there were some crackers on show.

My personal favourite being sported by the South African replacement Hooker. For some reason the IRB aren’t using her image on their site, but if I do come across one I’ll be sure to post it here. It was the kind of spare tyre a darts player would have been proud of. Well done her I say.

The Rugby was fairly entertaining along with the coverage. I love it when Sky roll out their tried and tested methods on a relatively new sport. We were treated to a relative procession of former Internationals, who added a certain amount of entertainment, partucularly towards the end of the broadcast as the wind picked up and they got colder and more shivery by the minute.

The wind had a hell of an impact of the games too. Although being constantly advised what a magnificent ‘facility’ the Sussex Sport Park, I couldn’t help thinking the players might have wanted the pinnacle of their International careers to be played out somewhere without a constant buffeting wind.

Still fair play to the whole thing. I for one am looking forward to the rest of the tournament and am forever glad there still exists a strain of our great game where scrum halves can be nicknamed Cannonball.

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