Premiership Rugby on ESPN? A good idea? A great idea? Or none of the above?

So this weekend sees the start of another season of Premiership Rugby with a totally new broadcaster. I wonder which will have the greater impact on the entertainment?

If the coverage is anything like that of the French Top 14, I’d say we are in for a rough season. Sometimes its great. Tomorrow night there are two games live, ace! Live French rugby on a Wednesday, can’t say fairer than that. Last Friday however, I settled down to watch a live game as I had done the previous two weeks and was treated to live coverage of Little League Baseball. I’m not sure which was more frustrating, the fact that they were showing the game at 9.30 ‘unlive’ or that they had chosen Little League Baseball as its replacement. Is there a more ridiculous sport to televise Internationally? I can’t think of one off hand. It’s got to be the one sport that everyone who wants to watch is actually there, at the game? They must be, the stands looked packed.

That said, we don’t have much to lose. Sky seemed to focus entirely on the European Cup and leave us with the rapier like wit of Dean Ryan on Premiership weekends. This I won’t miss.

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