Rugby World Cup 2011, The dream continues.

No Heineken cup this weekend,  still been a great week. Its not every week that you get an email with this inside it:

Exciting eh! I now have, well I’ve yet to pay for them so I now have the opportunity to have  tickets to three of four group games, and have been advised that there is a second raffle(?gotta love the kiwis) in November where I have a chance to apply for the Australia game and the knockout rounds. Class.

Only problem being that New Zealand isn’t in walking distance from my flat.  Or is it? According to the wonder that is the Internet, New Plymouth is 11585 miles away from Cardiff, where my flat is,  sounds like a lot doesn’t it.

But, its not impossible surely, is it? Bearing in mind I had to cheat at GCSE maths to get a C, these numbers may not get me an investment in the Dragons Den yet gotta be worth thinking about all the same.

  • Somewhere in the back of my mind I have it that your average person can walk 4 miles an hour. Agreed?
  • So say I walked for 8 hours a day, that would make 32 miles a day, yes? (Incredible how 4mph sounds do-able, yet 32 miles in a day sounds like total lunacy)
  • I’ve never tried it though, and am a big fan of not knocking things till I have, by my calculations it would take 2896 hours to walk it or alternatively 362 days.

Undeniably, it wouldn’t be easy, but does that make it impossible? I’m really not sure? Hmmmm….

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