Heineken Cup, time to make a fortune, or not as the case may be.

So. This week I managed to get my ticket application in for RWC 2011, I’ve jst gone for all the group games having had a fair whack of fingers burnt buying semi-final tickets last time round (great game, just a shame Ireland weren’t in it.

Shortly after I’d put the application in, I had news from my credit card company that I couldn’t afford the tickets, bad times. No fear though, Heineken Cup weekend this weekend, given my self proclaimed rugby genius, fine opportunity to make a few quid.

Then I saw the games and the odds. I suppose the reason not many of us make a living out of the bookies is the same reason so many of us are obsessed by sport. Its not always easy to predict who will win a game, when it is, the bookies ensure its pointless betting on it.

Here is what I ended up with:

What odds did I get on that I hear you cry? 0.72/1. I think New Zealand just got that little bit further away.

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