Rugby News Roundup 02/03/15

Well the rugby news roundups have made it to week three and what a week its been. Wales victorious in France, Italy with their second away win in the history of the championship and Ireland quitening the growing whispers of a potential English World Cup win.

So what better way to start than highlights from the weekend

1. Best weekend of the 6 Nations thus far

The best could well be yet to come.

2. Castro lets the dogs out

If there was anything at all missing from Italy’s victory on Saturday it was the talismanic Castro. Who, somewhat aptly was ruled out of the fixture having needed 14 stitches in his nose after a bite from a friends dog.

3. Scotland Coaches Box after Italy Game


For every winner there must be a loser, this weekend it was the Scottish Coaches box that suffered some real blows during the defeat.

So, with all the excitement focused on the games, its a bit of a mini round up this week. If you are looking for something more to fulfil your rugby curiosity, why not have a go at the latest 6 Nations Quiz.

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