New Year, New Henson, 3D Rugby

So then, the new year is upon us. As usual I hit the grog a bit too hard and have only just found my list of new years resolutions. The only one of these I might possibly keep is to keep you fellas informed of my current viewpoints a bit more regular.

So along with the fact that Gavin has lost a bit of timber, for some reason sources at the Ospreys seem to think this is a bad thing?? Martin is naming his squad tomorrow, I’m sure there must be a few players around the country currently avoiding their phone, rather than be involved in anything remotely like their autumn displays. Lastly rugby in 3D…..

Rugby in 3D. A fantastic idea I’m not sure. However I seem to have some competition:

“Dave Holes, Which? audio-visual expert and rugby fan, said: ‘This is exactly the type of event that lends itself well to 3D, where people sit down for a set period of time to focus on the screen. It’s likely to be major sporting events and films that drive the sales of 3D products this year to those who can afford them’.”

Something about this comment makes me think our man Dave is very much more audio-visual expert than rugby fan. I mean rugby in 3D, really… isn’t rugby 3D already? Had someone asked me to guess what he was talking about when he said “where people sit down for a set period of time to focus on the screen. ” I’d have been guessing for a while before I’d have come up with rugby. Certainly not the Six Nations, definitely not Wales England in the Six Nations. I suppose the idea of donning a pair of specs in the pub or at home might, enhance the experience, but rugby in a cinema? Thats just all wrong isn’t it. I’ll come back to you on this one I think.

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