England Six Nations Squad Announced

Was it really?

Good man Johnno, it seems he has the ability to manage the press off the field like he did the Ref on it. I’ve just read the bbc’s report on the squad and am left a little empty to say the least. Don’t get me wrong,  I will be as happy as anyone to watch England falter and struggle their way through another campaign. I’d love it, truth be known, its just I think to call it an announcement is a bit extreme. The BBC tells us that he has named his EPS (I won’t even start) consisting of  32 players, and a Saxons squad of the same number. So he has selected 64 players, tough job. 

In the rules the Guinness Premiership says you can field up to 2 foreign players for the full duration of the game. For arguments sake lets ignore (because I can’t be bothered to work out the figure) the reams of EU based players in the league to give us a figure of 156 players. So the legend has used all of that World Cup and Lions experience to whittle the field down to just under half. Like I said, tough job.

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