Betting Tip for RWC 2011 2nd Round

Having recently gone for a huge 12 way accumulator on the opening weekend of the Pro 12/Premiership I’ve for for something a little less ambitious with tonights three games. It might have something to do with the fact said accumulator managed an impressively poor 3/12, I’d like to think its got more to do with had you have taken the starting +points handicap on any of the first round games every single one of them would have come in!!!!

So for tomorrow mornings games:

Namibia +43

Canada +15

Georgia +32

If you are wondering what on earth this means, its easy, even I can understand it, add the handicap to the losing teams points total, if they now win the game, you win the bet. Fantastic. You will get around 1/1 on this with these guys:

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