Ulster give Bath a pasting before they have even kicked off

Go On Ulster. Not something you will here very often from a proud Munster fan but I mean it, Go On Ulster. Whilst twittering away a bit of time earlier I came across this update from Ulster rugby cracking, fair play to ’em. International rugby for a tenner, can you say fairer than that?

It got me thinking, I wonder if other clubs had followed suit. I’ve had an eye on the Saxons V Ireland game in Bath for a few weeks and thought it would be worth the trip across the bridge for a look, particularly for a tenner. So I arrived to find the headline, International Rugby in Bath for just …. under £20. Still a fair price I know, undoubtedly they could charge a lot more, but if Ulster can do it for a tenner then why can’t Bath?

I know I’m only talking about a difference of £7 yet its surprising what a difference it can make. Her are my possible journeys from Cardiff for example; 


* Prices provided by printprice.com told you it was scientific.

**Although according to the experts a pint in Belfast is more expensive than Bath we must take additional socio-economic factors into account. Most importantly the Irish are much nicer than the English. This means where in England you would have quietly bought your four pints, in Ireland, you would only need to buy three, either:

a) A friendly local bought you a pint.


b) You were having so much fun you simply didn’t have time for the fourth.

So Ulster is better than Bath then. Fact.

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