Top 10 Quotes from RWC2011 So Far….

A quick collection of the best quotes from the rugby world cup so far, some got in because of controversy. Others, including the first to remind of us of why we all love the game of rugby. I’m sure I’ve missed a few though so feel free to add your own:


“It’s an amazing country, you see school kids in bare feet running with bamboo sticks for goal posts and running around with what you think is a rugby ball but it’s actually a plastic coke bottle. We’re representing those people, the kids of Fiji. It’s fantastic to be given that opportunity.”

Deacon Manu, the Fijian Captain, with a great homage to his country and a remarkably savvy bit of product placement.


“They’re tremendously talented. They’re great players at breaking teams down and they’re not a bad bunch to boot. So they’re fairly dislikeable.

Geordan Murphy Showing his beckoning career in punditry can’t come soon enough.


“We’re doing okay,”

Declan Kidney opitomises himself after arguably Irelands best ever start to a World Cup campaign.


“I don’t speak to people at the best of times.”

Andy Robinson when asked if he would use his English connections to assist his side on the weekend.


“For a moment I thought I must have been the most stupid captain in the history of Italy, but then I remembered that Fabio Ongaro had also been captain and I told myself that there had been at least one worse than me,”

Martin Castrogiovanni On becoming Captain as Sergio Parisse left the field against Russia.


“It’s a good conversation starter, but it is awkward to carry around.”

George North Wales winger on the ‘reponsibility’ of having to carry a one metre welsh lovespoon around his neck


“Ireland had a deliberate plan to fake injuries each time there was a breakdown in play last Saturday, so they could slow the game down and frustrate the Wallabies. ”

-Tim Horan Former Wallaby centre, unimpressed at Ireland’s win


“It’s incredulous and slightly scandalous that he’d try to bring one of his fellow countrymen into something that is totally untrue. It’s for other people to have their standards in life.”

-Declan Kidney, being incredibly un-kidneyesque in response to Horan’s comments.


“Brutality on the field and hospitality off it, but that’s the way it should be.”

Ian McLauchlan President of the SRU on Rugby in New Zealand


“Rugby player drinks beer. Shocker”

Martin Johnson, who obviously enjoyed a bit of dwarf throwing in his time

A few of the best I’ll hope you’ll agree, got any others I’ve missed?



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