The 10 Worst Rugby World Cup Roundups so far

Granted, the World Cup hasn’t actually started but that’s not stopped the internet producing Amazonesque stream of ‘Rugby Themed Content’. Thus far I’ve seen everything from the Rugby World Cup of stocks & shares? To The Telegraph producing a top 10 to watch list featuring such unknown and underrated talent like Richie McCaw, Dan Carter & Ma’a Nonu, insightful stuff.

1. 19 Incredibly important reasons you should watch the Rugby World Cup

Real bottom feeder stuff from Buzzfeed, effectively 19 pictures of players looking ‘handsome’ accompanied by such genial literary quips as “So that you can discover Chris Robshaw’s openside.” Step aside WB Yeats, we have no need for you anymore.

2.n Duchess Kate continues return at Rugby World Cup

The current affairs giant that is Hello Magazine continues to stalk royalty and crave clicks with a life changing piece on Kate Middleton. How a girl can go out on a Friday night with her husband and brother is an incredible saga, one which, with everything that is going on in the World at present, surprises me we haven’t heard more about. What will she wear? Isn’t she brave? And some other answers to questions nobody has ever dreamt of asking inside.

The 43 Most important Pairs of thighs at the Rugby World Cup

Go on Buzzfeed, just when you thought you couldn’t get any worse, you publish a shirtless Tom Wood, with the caption Tom WOULD! Oscar Wilde begone, we now have Buzzfeed.

Best Worst and Most Bizarre Haka’s

I’m astonished the Telegraph managed to resist the temptation of adding ‘Number 5 will blow you away’ as a tagline. Once again proving a broadsheet can be just as awful as anyone else, The Telegraph spews out close to a thousand words which could easily be summed up with, in olden times rugby players weren’t professional athletes, now they are, they’re a bit more confrontational. Kudos.

England captain’s girlfriend and her World Cup takeover:

No round up of terrible articles would be complete without a word from the Daily Mail. What words too, in this sure to be Pulitzer nominated report, we hear how a singer has appeared on daytime TV and has had some photographs taken. With scoops like that, I’m wondering why I’ve never had it delivered.

All sarcasm aside, it must be fairly unusual to be the partner of an England Rugby captain at dawn of a home world cup. She could probably offer some real insight into the emotions, presures and for a lighter note odd protocols that no doubt, she is currently going through. So, what say she?
“Yes, we’re putting a lot of stuff on hold to really support our boys through everything but actually they support us right back.”

Thanks for that.

I know I said 10, but in all honesty, these 5 were enough to start putting me off the tournament. Can’t have that just as I’m beginning to get excited. COME ON FIJI!!! As you still have a few hours to go, save yourself the agony of reading any of this nonsense and have a go at our Rugby World Cup Quiz

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