6 Nations Quiz 2023, Round 4

6 Nations quiz 2023

Are you ready to scrum down and put your rugby knowledge to the test? Look no further than our 6 Nations rugby union championship quiz! Whether you’re a seasoned rugby fan or just starting to learn the ins and outs of the sport, this quiz is sure to keep you entertained. With questions ranging from … Read more

Fight Off Cauliflower Ears – Essential Tips for Rugby Players

Cauliflower ears are a common concern for rugby players, certainly for forwards, it can just come with the territory. Fortunately with the right prevention methods and equipment, it is possible to minimize rather than remove all together, the risk. Wear a Scrumcap or Ear Protection Guard. Wearing a scrumcap or protection guard when playing rugby … Read more

The Wildest Rugby Mullets at the 6 Nations 2023

Check out our updated guide to Rugby World Cup 2023 mullets As the tournament is now close enough to touch, lets take a look at the best mullets this years championship has on offer. Whilst there might not be so many outrageous pompadours that we have seen in years gone by there is just about … Read more