Is Eddie Jones now the best coach in World Rugby?

An awful lot has been said after Japan’s historic victory over New Zealand on the weekend, not least that their coach, Eddie Jones almost instantly got himself a new job with the Stormers.

With all the hype and brilliant photographs littering the internet, there was little to be seen apart from jubilation (no bad thing), until I stumbled across this video on the excellent subreddit

With all the translation, its a bit of a hellish watch but it must have been more so for the Japanese players, who get royally chastised by a furious Jones. The video was filmed three years ago after the Japan side lost to what Eddie Jones’ describes in the clip as a ‘competent, but not good’ French Barbarians team. An angry coach after their team loses is not exactly unheard of, but the reason behind is anger first brought me to think about the ever so slightly clickbaity headline you see above this post.

Eddie Jones wasnt angry because his players lost, he was angry because they didn’t want to win enough.

There is a second part to this video where he goes onto explain the problem (as he saw it) with Japanese players were going into these games to compete, not to win. Which is exactly what they wanted on Saturday, and arguably what has got the rugby world in such a tizz about the whole affair, they had the chance to draw, but they went for the win.

There too, has been alot of talk about this. The facts of the case were, as Japan got that penalty in the dying seconds, with no chance of a bonus point try, that Japan would have received their two points for the draw, but South Africa, who had already secured the try bonus point would leave the game with 3 points, effectively ‘winning’ the game as far as the table was concerned. Though Eddie Jones has said that he discussed such possibilities with his Captain at half-time, I think the majority of us outside the camp would wager that this was a decision based on the want to win, rather than a mathematical equation. How much of it I wonder, was down to Eddie Jones’ words from three years ago ringing in their ears.

Sadly, I’ve been unable to find the team from who faced the French Barbarians side to back up my theory, but if their recent run of results is anything to go against, 13 wins out of 14 games, then it has certainly had some impact.

The ‘Brave Blossoms’ face Scotland at Kingsholm tomorrow afternoon at 2.30pm GMT a side that have only one twice from their last nine games. Though the bookies still have Scotland as 17 point favourites, its hard not to imagine a few extra nerves in Vern Cotter’s dressing room. Already a sell out, you would imagine the whole world will be watching in too.

If you are struggling for something to do until the next round of games start, have a go at our Rugby World Cup Quiz.

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