Is Andy Powell the future of Professional Rugby?

Probably not. The headline was difficult to avoid given this earlier post about Gavin Henson . Its a shame though. Much unlike Gavin Henson, its difficult not to feel a certain empathy with Powell. Without question his actions display an exceptional, almost enviable level of stupidity, yet still, I for one can’t help feeling a bit of a yearn to buy him a pint. Tell him not to worry. There are plenty of clubs in France.

Powell has been sacked by Wasps for having a fight with football fans on his day off. Am I the only one thinking that’s exactly what your average mentally inarticulate back row forward is supposed to do on his day off? Henson picks a fight with his Captain and gets to stay, Powell gets pummeled by  a load of football fans and has to go. Its a disgrace. Actions such as these are bringing the game into disrepute.

Granted. He probably did deserve the sack, as did Henson. Should he have been driving a golf buggy along the M4? No. Should he have had the fight? No. Is the world a richer place that he did do at least one of these things? I think so. Long live Andy Powell, and all who serve him.

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