Champions Cup Round 3 Predictions Round Up

After a more than exciting Autumn International series, European Champions Cup rugby returns. Who will be the winners and losers, what do the experts think? Who’s crystal ball could do with a polish, see below;

Champions Cup Round 3 Predictions

Saints V LeinsterLeinster -8.5Leinster Leinster -15.5Leinster -6.5
Munster V LeicesterMunster -2.5MunsterMunster -7.5Munster -6.5
Racing V GlasgowRacing -7.5N/ARacing -15.5Racing -6.5
Zebre V ToulouseToulouse -19.5ToulouseToulouse -22.5Toulouse -14.5
Saracens V SaleSaracens -13.5Saracens -7.5Saracens -27.5Saracens -14.5
Ulster V ClermontClermont -5.5ClermontClermont -12.5Clermont -9.5
Wasps V ConnachtWasps -5.5WaspsWasps -15.5Wasps -6.5
Toulon V ScarletsToulon -17.5N/AToulon -17.5Toulon -9.5
Montpelier V CastresMontpelier -4.5N/AMontpelier -12.5Montpelier -9.5
Exeter V BordeauxBordeaux -5.5ExeterExeter -12.5Exeter -6.5


As you can see, the only real debate is in the final fixture of the weekend, can Exeter maintain their new found form at home to Bordeaux, FWIW, I think they probably can.

More importantly, what will the accumulators get you?

If you follow the advice provided by you could get yourself a handsome 673/1 accumulator. However, if you took World Cup winner Greenwood’s more measured advice you would still be in for a chance of an all together delightful 147/1. Its all to play for in the ready money round as they say.


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