Andy Powell saga continues. Accomplice Identified in HMV Cardiff

Having been duped by an unreliable source in my previous report . I was happy to find the truth today, right in front of me, in HMV of all places.

Andwood or Jedand, either way they make a wonderful couple.

It seems so obvious now its in front of you doesn’t it. The shared penchant for hair dye, the overtight jeans/shorts. I’ve been racking my brains for the last couple of weeks as to why we hadn’t been told who Powell’s partner in crime was, how ever could I have been so blind?

From the looks of things, it should be a great partnership. Andy’s got himself a few weeks off and I can’t imagine a better place for him than acting as muscle for Jed or Wood. Likewise for the twin, we all knew the Spartans of the entertainment world Messrs Walsh & Cowell were never going to let both of them live. Sooner or later one of them was going to be let out into the forest to fight the wolves, now this one has Andy by his side. 

Although I consider this conclusive proof ( I was there after all) I appreciate some of you may still have your doubts so I have taken the liberty of enhancing the above photograph. Finally, with the help of digital technology, we can put this matter to bed, once and for all…

Conclusive Proof

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