Six Nations 2011, 1 down 2 to go, What have we learnt? Twitter doesn’t like Brian Moore

Good start, good game. We have learnt that Wales lack confidence, Mike Phillips can be good but also very very bad. We have learnt that Chris Ashton is getting better at the highest level, even at avoiding yellow cards. We have learnt that Bradley Davies is by far and away Wales’ most effective ball carrier and in Tom Wood England have enviable strength in depth in the back row. We might even have learnt that Johnny Wilkinson has been replaced, but I’d say he needs to be under some real pressure before the jury makes its call on that one.

In terms of the game I’d say that’s about all we have learnt, before and after the game though, we learnt an awful lot more from the ephemeral magic that is Twitter. I’m a big fan of Twitter, there is a remarkably active group of Rugby addicts filling my twitter feed with interesting, passionate, sometimes even side splitting gems of prose all neatly delivered in 140 characters. I’m a really big fan, as anyone with an unhealthy obsession for the game would be.  Yesterday though it was on the whole, a bit of a debacle.

First off, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to learn that Austin Healey is as much of a tit as you always thought he was, he opened the playgroup with this well considered comment:

Alain Rowland is a bad #ref for England.. look at history of euro games and Eng internationals he seems to have chip re; England

Like I said, no surprise he is an idiot, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of banter, but from a former England International it’s a bit irresponsible. One of the things that makes rugby the game it is  is the respect for referees, to think that there might be some aspiring players out there to think its ok to have that as an excuse disgusts me. It’s the kind of comment that breeds a ‘we could have won, but that Ref is always against us’ attitude which just doesn’t belong in our game. That said, the game not only proved him wrong but proved he is an idiot and Twitter told him so. Social democracy on a Social Network, how it should be.

Brian Moore is also a fan and active participant of the Twitterati, based on last nights vitriol though, I can’t think why. I’m a big fan of Brian Moore, I admire his passion for the game as both player and pundit. The Butler/Moore double act is the finest way to enjoy a game ever since the passing of Mr. Mclaren .  At this stage I have to say I am no England fan, the biggest game of the weekend is less than an hour away, but I appreciate his insight/passion/humour all the same. Nor am I a big defender of those in the public eye getting criticised, you put yourself in the public eye, don’t complain when it doesn’t always flutter its eyelashes at you! Some of the following abuse fired at Moore after yesterdays game makes me not only ashamed to be human, but I honestly cannot believe I have something in common, i.e. Rugby, with these narrow minded neanderthols, see for yourself:

@brianmoorerugby ur f***ing biast wales is better thsn england you douchbag with no teeth

@Big_Gee you’re a very naughty boy. @brianmoorerugby is still a biased prick though #sackbrianmoore

@brianmoorerugby Jesus, you’re a twat.

@brianmoorerugby your just a c**t

@brianmoorerugby f**k off you bald biased c**t

Clearly this is  just not cricket.

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