New Quiz for the New Year

Guess what? I've done a new quiz, it's fairly easy, have a go here , you know you want to

Richie Rees gets 12 weeks

IRB disciplinary committee gives Richie Rees 12 weeks for eye gouging on Dylan Hartley. Pretty sure that’s the minimum ban so he seems to have escaped fairly lightly, it was Dylan Hartley though so its is easy to understand their leniency!

Inspiration for Brendan Venters Bizarre Interview revealed

Brendan Venter looks towards Bradley Walsh for his inspiration. Could it get any weirder:

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Its Friday, Its Snowing, Its Quiz Time

Back once again, mildly different format, you actually get to see your results, have a go

That time of the week again. Quiz!

This weeks comes dedicated to all the commentators out there who no doubt will talk about little else all weekend. It's here

Another Rugby quiz for the Weekend

Its that time of the week again, the new quiz is up here, enjoy

New Weekend Rugby Quiz

New quiz up, with an International flavour given the weekend coming up click here to join in

Weekend Rugby Quiz

Exactly what it says on the tin. Got two minutes click here to take part

Rugby World Cup 2011, The dream continues.

No Heineken cup this weekend,  still been a great week. Its not every week that you get an email with this inside it: Exciting eh! I now have, well I’ve yet to pay for them so I now have the opportunity to have  tickets to three of four group games, and have been advised that

Heineken Cup, time to make a fortune, or not as the case may be.

So. This week I managed to get my ticket application in for RWC 2011, I’ve jst gone for all the group games having had a fair whack of fingers burnt buying semi-final tickets last time round (great game, just a shame Ireland weren’t in it. Shortly after I’d put the application in, I had news

Exclusive: Henson spotted talking with London club owner.

Sources close to the club have said Gav is exactly the kind of ballplayer they are after.