Nearly all Six Nations Squads Announced

What have we learnt?

England have selected every qualified player in the country.
Wales have stuck with the squad that got them fourth place last year, adding a couple of teenagers in the hope no-one would notice.
France don’t mind a drunken tall story but do mind a tall off form full back.
Ireland are confident enough to go … Read more

Wales Squad, Same Same no Difference

Warrens announced his options for the coming months, not much new here. Although it was a fairly good weekend for the Welsh sides in the Heineken Cup, I can’t see there being any real change in fortune for the side in this years tournament. The only shining light I see coming through is the Scarlet’s … Read more

Williams back for Wales, Ireland stick to their guns

Wales have their star back and their pop star back on the bench for the France game. Thankfully Gatland hasn’t gone for Henson to start and so hopefully the hero worship of a win  won’t be entirely placed upon his shoulders. Ireland have stuck with the team that have got them to the top of … Read more