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Greatest Rugby Mullets

So, after a boring day, followed by Iran Vs Nigeria I thought I needed a smile, hence here is a collection of the greatest rugby mullets, that I could find, quickly. Its fair to say there is a bit of a leaning toward the older mullet as I feel the proliferation of the modern ‘ironic’

Is Andy Powell the future of Professional Rugby?

Probably not. The headline was difficult to avoid given this earlier post about Gavin Henson . Its a shame though. Much unlike Gavin Henson, its difficult not to feel a certain empathy with Powell. Without question his actions display an exceptional, almost enviable level of stupidity, yet still, I for one can’t help feeling a

Andy Powell saga continues. Accomplice Identified in HMV Cardiff

Having been duped by an unreliable source in my previous report¬†. I was happy to find the truth today, right in front of me, in HMV of all places. It seems so obvious now its in front of you doesn’t it. The shared penchant for hair dye, the overtight jeans/shorts. I’ve been racking my brains

Andy Powell Accomplice Revealed

The following suggests they were on the hunt for more than just breakfast: Sorry I couldn’t resist. What was he thinking?