Rugby News Roundup 16/02/15

Welcome to the first in what I hope to maintain as a weekly series of rugby news roundups, featuring the most shared, most talked about and what I hope you’ll find most interesting rugby stories from around the web. As a self confessed rugby obsessive, I spend a lot of time trawling all corners of the web for tasty rugby related morsels with which I hope I can entertain a very tired circle of family and friends. As it turns out though, they just aren’t that interested, so hopefully you will be…

1. Flower of Scotland at Murrayfield

By far and away the most shared rugby story on Facebook this week and thanks to our Gallic cousins was the impressive display from the Scottish crowd on Sunday.

A fantastic rendition, great to see it being celebrated by a non ‘home’ union too, Vive La France. Also love that the headline to the article translates as ‘Flower of Scotland a cappella … guaranteed thrills’!!


2. Rugby Union’s Heaviest XV: 2015 Edition

Brought to you by Rugby Onslaught a site with aguably the finest tagline in rugby blogging, it being;


The super heavyweight side features some unfamiliar names and some unbelievable measurements. These guys are massive.

3. Belgian rugby club side records record score

Brought to you by the leader in rugby videos rugbydump this bizarre tale involves one of the sides thinking as there was no referee, no fixture would go ahead, so a number of the players left. Unfortunately, when the referee arrived he saw it differently and decided the fixture would go ahead as planned, though once side it is fair to say was far more interested in the game than the other, with the final score being 356-3.

4. Ungandan rugby refugees found in Cardiff

Probably my personal favourite of the week, not only does it concern a rugby club less than a mile away from me but it also goes to show what an impact a grass roots rugby club can have on people’s lives. In brief this is a story about two Ugandan sevens players who disappeared after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, only to surface playing rugby in South Wales. The club, St Peters RFC not only welcomed the two players with open arms but also assisted in their applications for asylum etc, excellent, heartwarming work.

5. Jerry Guscott’s team of the week.

Just to prove that there is some bona fide rugby ‘news’ here hot off the press is Jeremy Guscott’s 6 Nations team of the week. Its very much the usual suspects apart from a somewhat bizarre inclusion of France’s Rory Kockott who I felt was outshone by his opposite number Conor Murray on Saturday. Also *BOREDOM ALERT, there is a fittingly modest few hundred words on the similarities or lack of them between Guscott himself and Jonathan Joseph and himself, but its beneath the team of the week so the choice is yours.


That’s all for this week, hope you liked it, please add any suggestions in the comments and if they are any good, I might add them.

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